October 2015 Focus

Can anyone else believe that it is October? I can’t quite wrap my mind around it. I’m getting married in ten (!!!) days. I feel like I have spent the past year anticipating October and all of a sudden it’s here. A year of planning and craziness and all of a sudden the big day will be here in less than two weeks.

I know it seems silly to be beginning a brand new project with a wedding coming up so soon, but I kind of decided there is no reason to push it off. So without further ado, my October Focus.


My biggest focus this month is working on decluttering my life. One of the biggest sources of stress that I experience comes from the fact that I’m messy. I have the ability to not be messy, but…I’m a bit lazy. But I’m going to work on that, slowly but surely!

-Unsubscribe from unneeded/unwanted emails. I don’t know about you, but I wake up each morning with at least 30+ emails each morning that I don’t want or need. It’s annoying and takes going through emails even longer each morning. So I’m going to unsubscribe from every junk email or subscription that I receive and delete with no intention of reading.

-Abide by the 1 minute rule. I read about this from Gretchen Rubin (shocking!). The 1 minute rule says that if you can do any given task in less than 1 minute, do it! So often, there is a quick task (like hanging up my clothes after work) that I don’t do because I say I’ll do later, and all of a sudden, days later, it’s too much to tackle and becomes overwhelming. So starting today, every task I need to do that I can do in less than 1 minute, I’m doing!

-Tackle my closet. Sigh, this is a project. A huge project. My closet has become an unmanageable beast. This month, I want to begin the process of cleaning my closet – getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or that I don’t like, getting rid or purses, etc that I never use. It’s going to be time consuming, but I need to work on this to feel more stress free.

-Practice patience. This is a big resolution and I know it’s not something I can overcome in one month. I am prone to …overreacting. When things don’t go right, I get upset quickly. I hate waiting, I hate rude drivers, I hate when things don’t go according to plan. I want to begin trying to be more patient and not flying off the handle when things don’t go how they’re “supposed to.” I figure it’s good with the wedding next week – it’s not worth getting stressed over things I can’t control. But it’s also important in my every day life. On my way to work I go nuts over people who don’t know how to drive (yes, my bias there) or when I have an appointment and the person is running late. I want to work on taking a deep breath, counting to 5, and realizing that things not going according to plan is ok.

I definitely have a lot I want to begin working on this month. Writing down my different areas of focus and sharing them is a great way to keep myself on track and I hope I’m able to make progress!



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