I’m getting married in four days. FOUR DAYS. I can barely contain my excitement (or craziness). J is a saint for putting up with me!

Just because I’m getting married didn’t mean I could slack on my October Focus. The number one focus of the past week? Unsubscribing from unwanted emails.

Friends, this has been the greatest goal I could have ever set for myself. Each morning, I take an inventory of all of the emails I received and then unsubscribe from the ones that I always automatically delete, never read, or are no longer applicable to me (I’m looking at you, Wedding Paper Divas and Chili’s Coupons!). It takes all of 8 seconds to scroll to the bottom of the email and hit “unsubscribe” and I would estimate that I’ve removed myself from over 50 email lists at least!

It may seem like a silly, small goal to set and be so excited about, but waking up daily and only seeing 12 emails in my inbox, all of which are applicable to me and that I want to read, helps me start the day off with much less stress. I feel less overwhelmed and more ready to start the day.

I challenge you to try unsubscribing from email lists or promotional emails you always delete! Let me know if you give it a try!



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