December 2015 Resolutions

Oh December, where did you come from? November was a blur. Actually all of 2015 feels as if it were a blur and now, as I finally have a chance to catch my breath, it’s coming to a close. As one of my favorite writers/podcasters Gretchen Rubin likes to say: The days are long but the years are short. As I get older, this becomes more and more true.

I talked a bit about gratitude in my last post, and decided that is going to be my theme for December. Gratitude. Being grateful for all that I have in my life. Focusing on what I do have, instead of what I want (or think that I want). This may seem like a more applicable resolution for November, but hey, it’s my project, so my rules.


December Resolutions:

  1. Write in my gratitude journal each day. Each day, I am going to purposefully write down at least one thing I’m grateful for in my life. I like this, because it will help me get in the habit of focusing on all that I do have, instead of thinking of what I don’t have, or what I want. I like the idea of fostering an environment of positivity each day.
  2. Intentionally express gratitude to people in my life. It’s easy to live each day and take for granted what the people around you do. I want to be more intentional about thanking people for the things that they do every day. I try very hard to thank Jason each day for everything he does – taking care of me and Hoss, making dinner each night, being my partner. I want to make this effort more widespread.
  3. Make gratitude a habit through pairing. One technique Gretchen Rubin suggests to help build habits is use the technique of pairing. Pairing refers to putting two things/actions together, and meaning they always go together. Since they always go together, you cannot do one without the other. So, my resolution for the month is that every time I get into the car (typically a minimum of two times per day), I have to think of one thing that I am grateful for. This will help me build the habit of starting and ending my work day by being grateful.

So December is my month to focus on gratitude. Particularly since December seems to be stressful with work and the holidays, my goal that by practicing gratitude, I will more easily be able to focus on the good in my life, rather than what I perceive to be “the bad.” It’s worth a shot, right?



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