Gratitude Check In

Happy Wednesday! I was awoken a bit earlier than usual this morning by a very cute pup jumping into bed and snuggling with me. I’m not even mad – it was nice to start off the day with puppy snuggles. I guess you could say that I’m grateful for that sweet moment we shared and I definitely started my day in a happier way!

Last week, I talked about how I am focusing on gratitude for the month. I have to say, I’ve definitely been more aware of being and expressing gratitude. It’s a nice change to focus on what I do have. Unfortunately, sticking to my resolutions – particularly writing in my gratitude journal each day – has been tough for me. So I’m taking action. What’s the problem? I forget to write in my gratitude journal. So, I’m setting an alarm in the evening to remind me to write in my gratitude journal each day. Boom – problem solved!


Yesterday in meeting, a colleague talked about how a previous supervisor helped to create an environment of gratitude in the workplace. She would leave cards or post-its in the office, thanking people for the work they did and leaving cheery notes. The supervisor also challenged her office to write 10 thank you cards to people each week.

I really like this idea. I like the idea of thoughtfully taking time each week to identify someone who has helped me or gone above and beyond. It’s so easy to focus on the every day tasks we have to do, and take for granted what other people do. So I’m challenging myself to write a thank you note each week this month to thank people for everything they do. Small steps, right?

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