Project: Best Kim

Welcome to Project: Best Kim! I’m so happy you’ve stumbled upon my corner of the internet.

Who is Kim?

I am Kim, a twenty-something Midwest girl, living in Minnesota. I have another blog, Racing Bananas, which you may have heard of before! My interests span from reading, healthy living, running, cooking, and watching TV.

What is Project: Best Kim?

Project: Best Kim stemmed out of my reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. As I read (well, listened during my commute) about Gretchen’s experience, I realized that a huge source of anxiety and discontentment in my life stemmed from my lack of clear goals and purpose for myself. As I reflected on The Happiness Project, I realized I needed something similar in my life. Something to help me explore my interests and my purpose. Something to help me find more meaning and more happiness in each day. Something to help keep my accountable to the type of life I want to lead and person I want to be.

Project: Best Kim is about this journey I’m taking. It’s about figuring out my purpose, learning what my true interests really are, and learning, through self-reflection and a little bit of challenging myself, what happiness truly is to me and what I need to do to have more happiness in each day.


8 thoughts on “Project: Best Kim

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    This is so cool. Love your project! I really enjoyed that book and am thinking about doing my own project. I’m figuring out my twelve areas I want to focus on and action points, then I hope to start next year. Looking forward to reading more of your journey.


      • Juni Desireé says:

        I learnt so much about myself just from reading the book. I’ve experimented with a few things for my project this year and will definitely blog about the journey. Have you chosen any specific areas to work on?


      • Kim @ Project: Best Kim says:

        I want to work on organization- I was inspired by Gretchen’s ability to clean out all of her clutter. I also liked her relationship tips and am hoping to be more positive, more loving, and less stressed. That’s the goal anyways! How about you?


      • Juni Desireé says:

        Organisation was at the top of my list too! Love decluttering. Other things at the top of the list are working out a budget, eating better, and finding ways to give. My only problem is that I want to do everything at once instead of wait for planned month. So I’m still working out the logistics. Are you doing a monthly thing or something different?


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